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Hey all from time and space, this is my tumblr Blog.
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Ps: The most posts are from Doctor Who and Supernatural!
I post very much of DW,SN and the actors!
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No need for talking. I already know. If you want me why go?


Peter Capaldi serving as a daily reminder that a fandom can be more than a fandom and that sometimes dreams do come true. Here we are making fanart, writing fan letters, analysing things more than the creators themselves… etc. Much like the young Peter Capaldi. So don’t let anyone tell you that the thing you like is a waste of time or that you’re only trying to escape the “real world”. That thing you like could be what inspires you, fuels your ambitions, and be the most amazing part of your life. And Peter Capaldi is living proof of that, because Peter Capaldi became The Doctor.


My blog needed some if this fine ass

favorite charactersSam Winchester


(9x18) Meta Fiction


The Doctor looking at River Song

(A companion piece of River looking at the Doctor can be found here.)


Nothing. It’s not one of those things you can fix like you fix your bow tie. Don’t give me those big wet eyes, Raggedy Man. It’s life. Just life, that’s thing that goes on when you’re not there

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